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JD Power & Associates

JD Power and associates has been a repeat customer of Bellagio in Las Vegas for many years and they have historically chosen outside production companies for their event technology needs. For the first time in their long history at Bellagio they chose the in-house provider, Encore, for their General Session. Technology included 2 - 30’ x 10’ screens with 1 - 24’ x 13’ screen center stage, with content that moved between all three screens. That’s a ton of pixels! With the support of Director of Event Technologies Ian Seidenberg and the technical expertise of Event Technicians Kenny Ruiz and Tom Bourke, this event turned out to be a huge success and a major upgrade for JD Power. After years of doing standard screens and power point presentations, the client walked into the room and said “WOW THIS LOOKS AMAZING!” This was a major win for Bellagio and many thanks to Regional Manager, Visual Sales Development Jon Esteban for helping sell the dream through Vivien.