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The Conga Connect Experience Zone

Marriott Marquis Chicago welcomed The Conga Connect experience zone General Session. The entire event took place in one giant room including General Session, education, breakouts and exhibits. Custom branded walls divided each section with lighting and décor to tie everything together creating a great new look.

Encore Productions produced the General Session featuring a 26’ x 15’, 2.6m LED wall with custom scenic on each side and rigged lighting throughout the space.

Encore Sales Manager Nicole Kleman at Marriott Marquis Chicago, Encore Productions Account Executive Patrick Filomena, Director of Sales Adam Griggs and Sales Manager Mike Serrano made up the amazing team that pulled this event together.

Additionally, Director of Event Technologies Brian O’Riordan oversaw equipment and pre-planning calls and Beau Seigfreid & Francis Spindler provided onsite assistance, photography, and video of the space. Big shout out to union stewards Shaun Zerfass & Roger Kaufman for going above and beyond onsite to ensure a successful event.

“Working with Patrick and Nicole renewed my faith in what Encore can produce and I can’t wait to work with them again” – Kristine Marzolf, Executive Marketing Consultant for Conga Connect.