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John Paul Mitchell Signature Gathering


For more than 16 years, Encore has produced a wide variety of conferences and meetings including the “Signature Salon” held in Hawaii, Alaska, Orlando and Las Vegas.

  • Theme development
  • Script writing
  • Video & multimedia design
  • Staging
  • Talent research & booking

For over sixteen years

Encore has worked with John Paul Mitchell and their extensive collection of assets in order to bring each of their campaigns to life in vivid detail.

  • No. 1

    An award-winning event, including Aurora Platinum Best in show

  • 4.5k

    Performers, from actors to dancers to acrobats and athletes

  • 50+

    Over 50 events over the course of our relationship

Designed for flexibility

The Signature Salon Gathering is more than a event, it’s a multi-day educational experience with programming that ranges from choreographed theatrical events to small-group educational sessions and social gatherings. Encore creates a flexible space designed to accommodate, from the grand, multi-use presentation gallery of a suite of 16 dedicated classrooms.

Team Member Spotlight

Jamey Gallagher

Jamey Gallagher has been the Executive Producer for this client for over 16 years. His vast experience and expertise—coupled with a team of industry veterans—has been a fail-safe combination leading to the flawless production and execution of events year after year. Highlights include the creation of custom music for entire events, as well as control over wardrobe, talent and choreography for all performances.


A singular vision

Making sure each year’s Gathering feels like a cohesive experience is key. Encore’s creative team leads the conceptualization of an annual theme, which serves as the foundation for every aspect of the event. This theme becomes the driving force behind everything we create, whether we’re leading the design and script development of a presentation or crafting all aspects of a stage performance, from set design and lighting to special effects.


Beyond the ordinary

Given our long-standing partnership with John Paul Mitchell Systems, each year is an opportunity to wow audiences in a fresh new way while pushing ourselves to new heights.


A new view

In 2012, we built a custom hologram screen, which created spectacular multi-image displays in support of each event presentation.


Beyond the stage

Encore does more than create the space, we create the content that lives on the stage. From custom music to costuming, choreography and talent coordination, every aspect of the performance is crafted as part of our holistic vision.

Winning streak

Our approach has led to award-winning results for well over a decade, bringing the vision of John Paul Mitchell systems to life in new and innovative ways, never failing to bring audiences to their feet.


Beyond the walls

Starting in 2012, Encore partnered with Freeman to webcast the entire show, streaming live to an audience of over 100,000 people.

Because of your outstanding team work, all of our meetings ran flawlessly and were praised as a “10” from everyone including our CEO, John Paul DeJoria.


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